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GSuite, Web Design & Development, ID Cards, Visiting Cards, Business Cards, Lanyards, Belts,
Name Card Displayer, Cloth Labels, Ribbons, Certificate Frames, Badges, Key Chains, Mugs & Cups.


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About Us

We have products which help for your business growth like Gsuite, visiting Cards, id cards, Tags, Badges, Certificate Frames, Id Card Holders, Key Chains, Mousepads, Mugs & Cups, Name Card Displayer, Neck Lanyards, Personalised Belts, Web Design & Development services commonly used for corporate and management sectors like Companies, organizations, school, hospitals etc;

  • GSuite
  • Web Design & Development
  • ID Cards, Visiting Cards, Business Cards
  • School necessities like Lanyards, Belts, Name Card Displayer, Cloth Labels, Ribbons, Certificate Frames, Badges etc.
  • Key Chains, Mugs & Cups

We serve your needs at the doorstep.

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Our Products
  • Google Gmail

    Customize your email, provides 30GB cloud storage per user in basic plan and is unlimited for other plans like business and Enterprise - accounts with fewer than 5 users get 1TB per user.

  • Google Calendar

    Schedule and share calendars for meetings. Get notification of events or meeting. You can publish the calendar on www. Plan less time to schedule events and meetings.

  • Google Plus

    New ideas, Real-time general, and common interests. Generate online community for employees can share group updates.

  • Google Hangouts

    Easy-to-join video meetings: Join video chat with colleagues from anywhere. The quick conference, Quick decisions, get connect face-to-face.

  • Google Drive

    Fully secured storage to store your files, important data, share with teams and access from anywhere, any time. Available online or offline.

  • Google Admin

    Data remains safe, configure security and settings, manage devices, easily add users.

  • Google Cloud Search

    Use Google's power to search throughout your company content in the G Suite. Google Cloud Search replies to your questions from Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more to Gmail and Drive, and provides relevant instructions to help you throughout the day.

  • Google Vault

    Vault not in the basic plan, it comes with business and enterprise edition. Store and secure your photos, videos, SMS, and contacts etc.,

  • Google Docs

    Save, edit and share your files from anywhere, any time. Either online or offline. fully secured storage to store your files, important data, share with teams and access from anywhere, any time. Stored files available online or offline.

  • Google Sheets

    At the same time work directly with the same members in the same spreadsheet. Manage calculations with formulas from simple to advanced. while editing, Save automatically.

  • Google Forms

    Create customizable forms for surveys, questionnaires and get business inquiries at no extra cost. collect data in a spreadsheet and analyze in the same sheet.

  • Google Slides

    No required software - Implement and modify custom presentations in the browser. work with team same slides at a time.

  • Google Sites

    Create high-quality sites for your team, project or event to collaborate. The site appears best on all devices. no need to learn to programme, just need practice and artistic concept.

  • Google Keep

    Keep organized. it's very easy to collaborate with your colleagues with keep by sharing notes. So, it's very useful to let you know your work.

  • Web Design

    Design awesome website for your business, school, organization etcs. we have designed for many companies.

  • Static Website

    Static locales are the most essential kind of site and are the least demanding to make. A static website can be worked by just making a couple of HTML pages and distributing them to a Web server.

  • Single Page Website

    Magnificent Single page Website Designs for Inspiration. All content placed and adjusted at one page

  • Responsive Website

    Compatible with all sizes of screen and mobiles, website will fit automatically to any screen

  • Web Development

    Our web development team is mixed with vast web skills has the large expertise in developing

  • Dynamic Website

    Dynamic Website. Dynamic sites contain Web pages that are produced continuously(real-time). These pages incorporate Web scripting code.

  • Multi Page Website

    Each page is created individually and having its importance, works for small and middle organinzation

  • ID Cards

    Show your professional identity. We will provide all types of ID Cards products like PVC, Proximity Cards, RFID Cards, HID Cards as per your industrial’s and organization’s needs.

  • Visiting cards / Business cards

    Premium Single or Double sided visiting cards for your business or personal. Experience high-quality single or double sided visiting card prints at reasonable price.

  • Lanyards

    Lanyards are the tags for idcards available in different colors with printed or non-printed of organization logo or name.

  • Card holders

    Card holders quality is good. landscape, portrait for business and schools.

  • Key holders

    Key holders available in different type like round etcs.,

  • Badges

    Badges for organizations, school, occasions, meetings etcs.,

  • Certificate Frames

    Metallic and non-metallic certificate frame and Plastic printed certificate frames available.

  • Mouse pads

    Printed or non-printed mouse pad with your cmpany logo or name or personal uses.

  • Keychain

    leather or non-leather keychain, Printed names, logos, tattoos and different types of images as you wish.

  • Mugs & Cups

    Mugs and cups gifts for your loved one or personal memories.

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  • G Suite is intended to enable you to do your best work, regardless of whether that is through constant joint effort that unites your groups or machine insight that velocities up regular assignments.

    Patil Rail Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., - Patil

  • Revamped our old website completely into a modern and incredibly attractive site. we met them to discuss the project, we impressed, how easy they are to communicate, down to earth, believable.

    Adtech Micro Systems- Jayanthi

  • "Good and awesome Design and Development quick service for Corporate Needs, i appreciate you on your humble and honest services"

    SJS Technologies - Sindhuri

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